The goal is to enhance the World Conference on Nursing and Pediatric Health Care with innovative studies that are completed after the general abstract submission deadline. Deadline for online Abstract submission is March 01, 20120 RULES FOR ABSTRACT SUBMISSION

  • Authors are required to mention their preference for either ORAL or POSTER presentation by checking the appropriate box on the submission web page. Few selected best posters will be scheduled for oral presentations as well as best poster awards.
  • Acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be based on rankings given by a peer review of experts in the associated topic/category. Results will be sent via e-mail to the corresponding author within 2-3 hours.
  • All accepted abstracts will be published with DOI number.
  • Accepted abstracts are official communications of the Conference. The presenting author agrees to register, to attend the Congress, and to present the abstract as scheduled.

(Please refer to the Abstract Template for specific guidance on formatting)

    • Abstracts must be written and presented in English. Abstracts that are not written in understandable English will be rejected and/or returned to the author(s) for revision.
    • Abstract must be uploaded in WORD format (.doc; .docx)
    • Title, author’s names, author’s affiliation, presenting author must be provided by filling the online form o Title: Use a concise descriptive title that indicates the content of the abstract. Please minimize the use of abbreviations in the title. Commercial trade names for drugs, devices, products, and services may NOT be used in the title. o Author: Initial letter of the name(s) and full surname for each author must be provided. o Affiliations: Each author should be listed by department, institution, city, and country.
    • The body of the abstract text should not exceed 300 WORDS. The online submission program will automatically not allow submissions that do not fit this requirement. Symbols including superscripts and subscripts can be entered in the online system.
    • The body of the abstract text must be formatted with the following sub-headings as appropriate. Each sub-heading should be formatted in bold text, begin on a new line, followed by a colon and space (:). The text for each sub-section should begin immediately after the colon and space (see sample abstract below).

For clinical or investigative studies: • Introduction: • Objective: • Materials and Methods: • Results: • Conclusions: For case reports or case series: • Background: • Observation: • Key message:


For reviewing and scheduling purposes, abstracts will be classified into thematic areas. Please indicate on the submission webpage the appropriate topic classifications to which your abstract belongs.